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A look at the advantages of attending an online school. From schedule flexibility to cost, earning your diploma online is a great option.

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What can I say? I'm interested in a lot of things - especially technology and the internet. Are you surprised? I did start this website!

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This section of the website is devoted to my inner most thoughts. The things that I struggle to share with others. For some reason, posting them here helps to sooth me.

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  • smartsupplements

    Fuel Your Mind With These 3 Smart Supplement Groups

    Like the rest of your body, your brain needs to be fueled properly to work at its best. There are a number of brain health supplements that are useful in supporting brain function. Here is a short list of some of the most important ones:

    The Vitamin B Group
    This group of vitamins is water soluble and very important to brain and nerve function. Because these are water soluble, you can easily end up deficient. If you are more active than usual or if the weather is hotter than usual, you can sweat them out. If you are a taking a diuretic or having kidney problems, you can be urinating them out an excessive rate.

    The fact that they are water soluble also means they are also relatively safe to experiment with and see if it helps any, without running tests or doing too much checking for signs of deficiency. It is hard to overdose or do serious harm. Your body will just dump any excess it cannot use.

    Omega 3 Oils
    Most folks have heard that fish oil is good for the brain. This is generally true, and the reason it is true is because they are high in omega 3 oils, a chemical class of oils that has a positive effect on the brain. But what if you cannot take fish oil? What if you are allergic to fish, are a vegan or have other reasons to avoid fish oil supplements? In that case, a viable alternative is flax seed oil. It is also high in omega 3 oils and is a vegetarian source.

    Because the body processes oils more slowly, it is easier to overdo it with oils than with water soluble vitamins. Thus, any oil-based supplements should be approached more conservatively. Either speak with a doctor or research to see if you have symptoms of deficiency, just to be safe.

    Minerals: The Big Three
    Minerals are generally important to your health and welfare and are particularly important to the functioning of your nervous system. The big three are potassium, calcium and magnesium. Because of the way they work hand in hand in the body, calcium and magnesium need to be taken together.

    Minerals can build up in the system in a way that oils and water soluble vitamins cannot. Thus, they need to be taken more intelligently to avoid unintended problems. Some rules of thumb to help you have the most positive experience possible when taking these minerals:

    If you need calcium, you also need magnesium (and vice versa). In order to absorb properly, calcium should also be taken with both Vitamin D and Vitamin K. Some supplements come with both of those added. Look for bio-available forms. Some chemical forms absorb better than others.

    You do not have to have a serious deficiency to benefit from these supplements. You can merely be at suboptimal levels. Generally speaking, you should take as much as helps your cognitive functioning without adverse side effects.

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  • emerginghealthrproducts

    Unique Health Products That Are Changing The World

    Recently companies have been producing more and better health and wellness products in response to consumer demand. Many of these new food products are high in protein, gluten and lactose-frees, and have disease-fighting probiotics. These new products allow more people to get the healthy foods they need. It’s a trend that has forced many manufacturers to clean up their act and provide the masses with nutrition-rich products that heal and not harm the body.

    High Protein

    With a renewed interest in protein on the rise among many health conscious people, a spate of protein enriched products have flooded the market. They include everything from high-protein Greek yogurt to cereals, and snacks with increased protein levels. It seems like every meal has received a high protein boost designed to make them healthier. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, consumers are getting more high-protein dietary options. Healthy high-protein snacks containing chick peas, nuts, healthy cheese, and lean meats are also being offered to consumers.

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  • onlineschool

    What Are The Benefits Of Attending School Online?

    Much like the growing popularity of online college education, online high school programs have been growing in number over the last decade. Online students are subject to the same requirements as traditional school students, but they can do their work in the privacy of their homes.

    High School Online can be a great option for students who have a different learning pace than many of their peers because they can complete work on their own schedule rather than having a finite amount of class time. This is beneficial for both faster and slower learners. In addition, online high school classes can be very beneficial for homeschooling families.

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  • opensource

    What Are The Benefits Of Open Source?

    Open source software is a freely available software. The owners or developers of open source softwares openly consent to grant members of the public, free access to their software source codes. Using this permission, users and other developers can see the software codes and add changes. There are a wide variety of benefits to using open source software and below we will discuss a few of the most prominent.

    The changes can range from adding new security codes to sharing applications and hunting out bugs. Some of the best examples of full and partial open source software products include; Android, Linus OS, Mozilla Firefox and Wikipedia. The thinking behind open source software is based on the premise that users are essentially co-developers. Some of the advantages of open source software include free access, security, adaptability, interoperability, customer support, affordability and real-time updates.

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